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The LSCOG planning department has many responsibilities in the field of transportation planning. These responsibilities are outlined in a Rural Planning Work Program that contains a course of planning to be completed within a year. Staff works with a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) which makes project recommendations to the LSCOG Board of Directors, who serves as the Lower Savannah transportation policymaking board. Planning staff maintain a close working relationship with SCDOT and are responsible for the recommendation of projects to SCDOT for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and for the development and administration of a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that outlines projects and priorities for a 25-year period. The LSCOG has also developed a regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that contains details on projects in the six-county rural region.

For more information about transportation planning call the Planning Manager at 803.649.7981.

Aging, Disability, and Transportation Resource Center (ADTRC)

Lower Savannah Council of Governments operates the states only Aging, Disability and Transportation Resource Center (ADTRC)! The Resource Centers purpose is to inform and assist people in our region about a myriad of topics related to aging, disabilities, family care-giving, benefits, resources and transportation options that support independent, healthy and engaged community living. The center serves Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun and Orangeburg Counties. This center is innovative in that it combines programs relating to public and human service transit with information and assistance to link to other health and human service related resources, benefits and options. People call the center throughout each day with requests and questions in many diverse areas. ADTRC staff help people to schedule rides for medical appointments, errands, to get to work throughout the region and answer questions about how to use local public transit systems. They help to negotiate service issues that arise between transit passengers and transit providers and advocate for unmet needs for transportation in underserved areas. Staff answer questions about aging issues, long term care, family care-giving and a number of benefits and resources, including Medicare. LSCOG also purchases services for seniors and transportation services from local service providers in each county of the region, and works to coordinate among agencies serving the public. TO REACH THE ADTRDC CALL 1-866-845-1550.

Mobility Management

Activities under the Mobility Management program of LSCOG include planning and development of transit systems and services in the region, work to enhance transit services, initiatives to increase coordination of resources, and giving information to individual members of the public on using transit services in the region. Mobility Management specialists on staff also help individuals to schedule rides on local transit systems and can offer training on using public transit services to groups or individuals. During Fiscal Year 2012, staff handled around 12,000 incoming calls for transportation from the public, and made many more contacts to arrange trips and solve transit problems and customer service issues. For more information or for assistance to find a ride, call 1-866-845-1550 and press 1 for transportation!

Local Transit System Development and Management

LSCOG is the Direct Recipient of federal and state funds for the operation of the Best Friend Express and Dial-a-Ride transit services in the urbanized portion of Aiken County. LSCOG contracts with a local transit provider for the operation of both services. LSCOG helped to plan and start up transit service in Allendale and Bamberg Counties, and takes calls from the public for rides in both systems. The COG also helped to develop and start up new public transit services in Calhoun and Orangeburg Counties the Cross County Connection. This service is a combination of fixed routes and demand response service to accommodate seniors, people with a disability and for other purposes. Fixed routes connect St. Matthews and Orangeburg and serve the downtown area of Orangeburg, including a campus loop which includes service for students at two downtown area Universities.

Transit Facilities

Using federal transit ARRA funds, LSCOG was able to add a wing onto it office building to accommodate the Aging, Disability and Transportation Resource Center in 2010. ARRA funds through the SC Department of Transportation in 2012 enabled the construction of a $3 million transit facility in downtown Orangeburg to house the two-county transit system and serve as a connection point for passengers transferring from one vehicle to another, to purchase tickets and to get out of inclement weather while waiting to board a bus.

Best Friend Express

Best Friend Bus | Transportation & Transit

LSCOG manages the Best Friend Express public transit system in the urbanized portion of Aiken County. System operation is contracted to a local agency which provides a small fixed route transit system between Aiken, North Augusta, and just over the state line into Augusta, Georgia. It also provides an accessible paratransit component for persons with disabilities within the same area.

For information about schedules visit the Best Friend Express website:

BFE and DAR Title VI Notice and Complaint Process

Allendale Scooter And Bamberg Handy Ride

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The Allendale Scooter and Bamberg Handy Ride are regional demand response transit systems. LSCOG provided the leadership and facilitation to work with dynamic groups of local leaders and organizations in planning, developing and implementing new public transit services in both Allendale and Bamberg counties.

The unique aspect of this project is that no new vehicles were purchased to provide public transit services. Instead members of the general public access transit by using available seats on existing human service vehicles. A locally stationed mobility manager takes calls from the public and matches requests to available capacity, then handles ridership accountability and billing.

To schedule a ride call 1-866-845-1550.

Generations Unlimited

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Local Motion, Barnwell County's Public Transit System, operated by Generations Unlimited offers demand response transportation services for all communities in Barnwell County. Rides are provided to and from medical appointments, employment, training, shopping and more. The transportation service operates from 4:00 a.m. until midnight, seven days per week. Barnwell's long-established public transportation system plays a significant role in both the Lower Savannah Regional Transit Management Association (RTMA) and the newly created Travel Management and Coordination Center of the COG. To schedule a ride, call Local Motion directly at 803-541-1197 or call the Lower Savannah COG Mobility Manager at 1-866-845-1550.

Cross County Connection

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The Cross County Connection is available to residents of Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties with a para transit commuter service that allows residents of both counties to call 24-48 hours ahead to request a ride to local destinations within the two counties.

Cross County Connection also provides a Downtown Circulator bus service in the City of Orangeburg and allows free transfers for travelers from both counties. Residents can access many of the most popular business destinations including governmental buildings, health providers, the regional medical center, schools and institutions of higher learning as well as popular employment and shopping locations in one of our comfortable and convenient Cross County Connector buses.

For more information, call the Cross County Connection Mobility Manager at 1.866.845.1550 or visit our website at .



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