Message from the Chairman

Chairman Mr. Joe Sikes

Chairman Mr. Joe Sikes

Mr. Joe Sikes is a lifelong resident of Calhoun County and attended school in Cameron, SC.  He has been married for 48 years to the former Judy Crider.  He feels that he has "inherited" some of his interest in civic duties from his father-in-law, now deceased, who served on county council, school board, etc. and encouraged Joe to "get involved" in his community.

Joe has held positions of responsibility for a long time.  He started as a partner with his dad, farming over 2000 acres of cotton, corn and soy beans.  Then at age 24, he left the farm and began a long career with Tri-County Electric Co-op, starting as a beginning lineman.  He retired from this company after 36 years of service as Manager of Operations.

During his lifetime, Joe has dedicated time to his church, Gethsemane Baptist is St. Matthews.  He has served on the Board of Deacons, worked with youth and children, chairman of the Finance Committee and has served on the tally committee for 44 years.  He has been active in the Rotary Club, the Masonic Lodge, served as a member of Town Council for sixteen years - eight of those years as Mayor.  LSCOG became another of his interests, and he has served on the Board of Directors for approximately 6 years.

In assuming the role as Chairman of the Board of Lower Savannah, Joe is grateful for all the members he has had the pleasure of working with and looks forward to the newly elected directors coming aboard this year.  He has had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Molnar and expresses his appreciation to himand his staff for their efficiency and a job well done.  And, the greatest part is that everyone seems to enjoy what they are doing.

Going forward in the new year, Joe realizes that there are many programs that can be helpful and hopes to research and find more that will benefit the citizens in our Lower Savanah region.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Allendale County (6)

Terri Boone - Public Representative

James L. Cohen - Public Representative

Dorothy Riley - Mayor, Town of Fairfax

William E. Robinson - Allendale County Council Chair

Dawan Smith - Public Representation

Theresa Taylor - Allendale County Council

Barnwell County (7)

Freddie L. Houston - Barnwell County Council

Lowell Jowers, Sr. - Barnwell County Council

David Kenner - Barnwell County Council

Ben Kinlaw - Barnwell County Council

F. Pickens Williams, Jr. - Public Representative

Thomas L. Williams - Public Representative

Lonnie Hosey * - Ex Officio

Orangeburg County (8)

Janie Cooper-Smith - Orangeburg County Council

J. Danny Covington - Public Representative

Joseph C. Jackson - Public Representative

Clyde B. Livingston - Orangeburg County Council

Johnny Ravenell (Vice Chairman) - Orangeburg County Council

Silas Seabrooks, Jr. - Public Representative

Harry F. Wimberly - Orangeburg County Council

C. Bradley Hutto * - Ex Officio

Aiken County (8)

Roger Boyd - Public Representative

Willar H. Hightower - AIken County Council

Lessie B. Price - AIken City Council

Kathy D. Rawls - Aiken County Council

Andrew Siders - Aiken County Council

John Simmons - Public Representative

Thomas H. Williams - Public Representative

Ronnie Young - Aiken County Council Chair

Bamberg County (7)

Jerry Bell - Public Representative

Clint Carter - Bamberg County Council

Sharon Hammond - Bamberg County Council

Larry Haynes (Treasurer) - Bamberg County Council

Rev. Shawn Hanks - Public Representative

Gerald Wright - Mayor, City of Denmark

Justin Bamberg * - Ex Officio

Calhoun County (7)

Helen Carson-Peterson - Mayor, Town of St. Matthews

James E. Haigler - Calhoun County Council

Roger L. Hill - Public Representative

Joe Sikes (Chairman) - Public Representative

David K. Summers - Calhoun County Council Chair

Ken Westbury - Calhoun County Council

Russell L. Ott* - Ex Officio

*SC Legislative Delegation Representatives