About the Chairman

 Chairman Mr. Johnny Ravenell

Chairman Mr. Johnny Ravenell

Councilman Johnny Ravenell has served on the Lower Savannah Council of Governments’ Board of Directors for twelve years, his entire tenure on Orangeburg County Council. He is a native of Santee, SC and has been a lifelong resident of Orangeburg County. He graduated from Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical School in 2007 with an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Technology. Councilman Ravenell has three children with his wife Verna M. (Green) Ravenell, and they are proud grandparents of three grandchildren.

As an elected official, Councilman Ravenell visualizes an Orangeburg County with greater economic development and improved access of citizens in rural areas to broadband networks. He also focuses efforts on litter control initiatives and promotion of the transit system, which provides low-cost transportation alternatives. Both of these are possible due to the Capital Penny Sales Tax, for which Councilman Ravenell actively promoted.

Outside of his official responsibilities, Ravenell is a member of the Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club and the Masonic Lodge. He participates in fundraisers with the Kiwanis club and A Servant Touch Outreach Ministry, as well as reads to elementary school children.

Councilman Ravenell believes that the future of Orangeburg County lies in the promotion of industrial growth, greater infrastructure and the expansion of broadband services. He will continue serving the Lower Savannah region to improve the quality of life for all who live here.

Board of Directors 2017-2018

Allendale County (6)

Terri Boone - Public Representative
Larry Cohen - Public Representative
Dorothy Riley (Treasurer) - Mayor, Town of Fairfax
William E. Robinson - Allendale County Council Chair
Dawan Smith - Allendale Town Council
Theresa Taylor - Allendale County Council

Barnwell County (7)

Tim Bennett - Public Representative
Freddie L. Houston - Barnwell County Council
Lowell Jowers, Sr. - Barnwell County Council
David Kenner - Barnwell County Council
Ben Kinlaw - Barnwell County Council
Thomas L. Williams - Public Representative
Lonnie Hosey * - Ex Officio

Orangeburg County (6)

Janie Cooper-Smith - Orangeburg County Council
Heyward Livingston - Orangeburg County Council
Johnny Ravenell (Chairman) - Orangeburg County Council
Vernon Stephens - Orangeburg School District 5 Board
Harry F. Wimberly - Orangeburg County Council
C. Bradley Hutto * - Ex Officio
Joseph C. Jackson - Board Member Emeritus
Silas Seabrooks, Jr. - Board Member Emeritus

Aiken County (9)

Roger Boyd - Public Representative
Danny Feagin - Aiken County Council
Willar H. Hightower - AIken County Council
Lessie B. Price - AIken City Council
Kathy D. Rawls - Aiken County Council
Andrew Siders - Aiken County Council
John Simmons - Public Representative
Thomas H. Williams - Public Representative
Ronnie Young * - Ex Officio

Bamberg County (7)

Jerry Bell - Bamberg Chamber of Commerce
Clint Carter - Bamberg County Council
Sharon Hammond - Bamberg County Council
Rev. Shawn Hanks - Public Representative
Larry Haynes (Vice Chairman) - Bamberg County Council
Gerald Wright - Mayor, City of Denmark
Justin Bamberg * - Ex Officio

Calhoun County (7)

Helen Carson-Peterson - Mayor, Town of St. Matthews
James E. Haigler - Calhoun County Council
Roger L. Hill - Public Representative
Joe Sikes (Past Chairman) - Public Representative
David K. Summers - Calhoun County Council Chair
Ken Westbury - Calhoun County Council
Russell L. Ott* - Ex Officio

* SC Legislative Delegation Representatives