Lower Savannah Regional HOME Consortium

“I can’t find words to express how happy I am with the renovation of my house. It is so beautiful.”
— Calhoun County Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program, Lower Savannah Regional Housing Consortium


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a 30-day public comment period, regarding the 2017 Annual Action Plan (AAP), will begin on Monday, June 12, 2017 and end on Friday July 14 2017. The Consolidated Plan (Con Plan), completed in 2016, sets five year priority needs and goals of the HOME Program. The AAP is a component of the Con Plan that outlines the proposed availability and utilization of HOME funds for the 2017 plan year. Orangeburg County, on behalf of the Orangeburg County HOME Consortium “aka” Lower Savannah Regional Housing Consortium (LSRHC), will submit the Annual Action Plan, to the HUD HOME program on or before August 16, 2017.

Copies of the Con Plan and the AAP are available at Orangeburg County, Administration Building 1437 Amelia Street, Orangeburg, SC, 29116 and Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG), 2748 Wagener Road, Aiken, SC29802 as well as at LSCOG.org.   Citizens and interested parties are invited to review the Con Plan and AAP. Written comments may be made to Wayne Battle, Housing and Community Development Coordinator, LSCOG, P.O Box 850, Aiken, SC 29802, fax (803) 649-2248, or e-mail wbattle@lscog.org.  Citizens will have the opportunity to make oral comments at a public hearing on Tuesday, June 27th at 1:00p.m. in the County Council Chambers, 1437 Amelia Street, Orangeburg, SC29116. 

Orangeburg County does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its federally assisted programs or activities. Jerald Crummy, Human Resources, Orangeburg County, 1437 Amelia Street, SC29116 phone number (803) 533-6100 has been designated to coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements contained in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s regulations implementing Section 504 (24 CFR Part 8, dated June 2, 1988).

Assistance will be provided to accommodate the special needs of handicapped persons attending the meeting upon request. Persons needing special assistance or auxiliary aids should contact Jerald Crummy, Orangeburg County at (803) 533-6100 seventy-two (72) hours before the public hearing.

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Click here to take the FAIR HOUSING survey 

LSCOG is engaged on behalf of the region's HOME Consortium (the Orangeburg County Regional HOME Consortium) to administer a regional housing program named the Lower Savannah Regional Housing Consortium.  Utilizing funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), LSCOG develops and maintains a 5-Year Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan to receive funding annual allocations through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. HOME funding is designed to help participating jurisdictions implement local housing strategies designed to increase the supply of decent, affordable housing for low- and very low-income households. This is primarily accomplished through the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing for low- and moderate-income renters and homeowners.


“Your kindness went far beyond what is required of you. I really appreciate you.”
— Calhoun County Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program, Lower Savannah Regional Housing Consortium