LSCOG partners with the Savannah River Site Retiree Association (SRSRA) and United Way of Aiken County that funds the Medication Assistance Program (MAP).

In September of 2014 SRSRA was formally added to the Human Services division of LSCOG. Since then retired SRS volunteers have been busy. 

Savannah River Site Retiree Association (SRSRA)

In September of 2014, SRSRA was formally added to the LSCOG's Human Services division as a partner.  Since then, retired Savannah River Site employees have been volunteering to help other SRS retirees maintain their pensions and benefits. 

Please visit their website if you would like to volunteer! Or click here to check out the video about SRSRA.

United Way of Aiken County

The Medication Assistance Program (MAP) started in partnership with the Daughters of Charity of Aiken County in 2004 and was first led by Sister Jo Ann. This program exists today thanks to a partnership with United Way of Aiken County.  Since its existence MAP has helped over 2,500 people obtain free or low-cost prescription drugs. to date MAP has saved over $8.4 million in prescription medication. The program received a NADO Innovation Award in 2005.

To find out how you can qualify in order to receive free or low-cost prescription drugs, please click here.

Are you interested to become a volunteer for the MAP program? Please contact Susan Garen.