About the Chairman

Chairman Mr. Larry Haynes

Chairman Mr. Larry Haynes

Chairman Larry Haynes has served on the Lower Savannah Board of Directors for eight years. He is the district 3 councilman on the Bamberg County Council. He is a native of Bamberg, SC, and a graduate of Richard Carroll High School. Chairman Haynes and his wife, Nina, have one daughter and two granddaughters.

As an elected official, his goal is to help all citizens of Bamberg County. He is passionate about repairing county roads and getting broadband access to rural areas of the county. He has also been involved in promoting the penny sales tax, which help build the Bamberg County Courthouse Annex and repair the Armory.

On County Council, he has had been involved in several committees, including the Justice and Public Safety Committee and the Solid Waste/Recyling Committee. Chairman Haynes also serves on the board of directors for the Southern Carolina Regional Development Alliance, Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority, his Masonic Lodge and is the Chairman of the Deacon Board for Free Gift Missionary Baptist Church.

Chairman Haynes strives to improve Bamberg County by promoting industrial infrastructure and the expansion of broadband. He will continue serving the Lower Savannah Region to improve the quality of life for all who live here.

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Board of Directors 2018-2019

Allendale County (6)

Larry Cohen - Allendale Town Council
Rebecca Gooding - Public Representative
Dorothy Riley (Vice Chairman) - Mayor, Town of Fairfax
William E. Robinson - Allendale County Council Chair
Dawan Smith - Allendale Town Council
Theresa Taylor - Allendale County Council

Barnwell County (6)

Tim Bennett - Public Representative
Freddie L. Houston - Barnwell County Council
David Kenner - Barnwell County Council
Ben Kinlaw - Barnwell County Council
Jason Stapleton - Mayor, Town of Williston
Thomas L. Williams - Public Representative
Lonnie Hosey * - Ex Officio

Orangeburg County (8)

Michael Butler - Mayor, City of Orangeburg
Janie Cooper-Smith † - Orangeburg County Council
Heyward Livingston - Orangeburg County Council
Johnny Ravenell (Past Chairman) - Orangeburg County Council
Vernon Stephens - Orangeburg School District 5 Board
Harry F. Wimberly - Orangeburg County Council
C. Bradley Hutto * - Ex Officio
Vacant (1)
Joseph C. Jackson - Board Member Emeritus
Silas Seabrooks, Jr. - Board Member Emeritus

Aiken County (8)

Roger Boyd - Public Representative
Danny Feagin - Aiken County Council
Willar H. Hightower - AIken County Council
Lessie B. Price - AIken City Council
Kathy D. Rawls - Aiken County Council
Andrew Siders (Treasurer) - Aiken County Council
John Simmons - Public Representative
Thomas H. Williams - Public Representative

Bamberg County (6)

Jerry Bell - Bamberg Chamber of Commerce
Clint Carter - Bamberg County Council
Sharon Hammond - Bamberg County Council
Rev. Shawn Hanks - Public Representative
Larry Haynes (Chairman) † - Bamberg County Council
Gerald Wright - Mayor, City of Denmark
Justin Bamberg * - Ex Officio

Calhoun County (6)

Helen Carson-Peterson - Mayor, Town of St. Matthews
James E. Haigler - Calhoun County Council
Roger L. Hill † - Public Representative
Joe Sikes - Public Representative
David K. Summers - Calhoun County Council Chair
Ken Westbury - Calhoun County Council
Russell L. Ott* - Ex Officio

* SC Legislative Delegation Representatives
† SC Association of Regional Councils Board Members