Our organization strives to be at the forefront of innovation and opportunities. Our staff is constantly looking for new ways to improve the lives of citizens in our region through grants, projects and partnerships.

Our commitment to innovation is most easily demonstrated in the 19 NADO Innovation Awards we have won. NADO awards showcase the most original projects and unconventional approaches to regionalism from developmental organizations across the country. The award-winning projects have made significant impacts in the region and demonstrate the diversity of our programs and services. Most recently, we won two 2018 awards for the Dementia Dialogues ® and Summer Jumpstart programs. A full list of awards can be viewed by clicking here.

We tirelessly work to bring in new programs that will be beneficial to our member counties. Staff look for areas of our region that need improvement, and then work with local governments to make the solutions a reality. Our Board of Directors and staff meet with possible partners so we can best understand the COG’s role in solving problems in our region. Board members often share concerns of their county so staff or partners can work with them to reach a solution. This cooperation is the root of LSCOG’s innovative ideas and most successful projects.

View the photos below of a few of LSCOG’s projects over the years.