In 1966 Governor Robert McNair signed legislation dividing South Carolina into ten official districts for area-wide programs.  The Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG) office was officially established on June 20, 1967 by an EDA grant of $31,450 and local funds of $10,500.  LSCOG strives to promote regionalism, working with and on behalf of local governments.  We work closely with state and federal offices to develop, implement and administer plans. Through this cooperation, LSCOG has added many programs and projects and today boasts an annual budget of $10.9 Million with numerous grants from federal, state and local sources.

The LSCOG Board of Directors is comprised of county council appointed elected officials and public representatives.  Elected officials include representation from towns and cities, county councils and school boards. Our public representatives include members from local chambers of commerce and community leaders from businesses and colleges. Our board members build a united front in the dedication to regionalism and work together in the interest to improve the quality of life for residents in the Lower Savannah Region.