Summer Jumpstart Program is a success

The Summer Jumpstart Program is designed to target rising high school seniors with little to no work experience, and give them a job over the summer. This year, twenty-seven (27) rising seniors were placed in work experiences with the school districts of Aiken, Denmark, Williston and Calhoun counties. The school districts acted as the work site, and students worked in various departments, such as administration, material center, maintenance, technology and communications.

Jamie Stephens, Director of Guidance for Calhoun County, stated “The Summer Program assisted several of our students this summer. I was so grateful that our students were given the opportunity to participate. We have 100% of our student body on free lunch. This program allowed our students to get work experience as well as earn finances to assist with their daily living need. We hope that the program continues because the experiences gained throughout this work program is both rewarding and invaluable.”

Deborah Gladden, a parent of a participant, stated “The program was outstanding from start to finish. This was the best thing for my son Dominic Gladden, who worked in the maintenance department. I watched him grow and mature over the summer. He also gained work experience and work ethics while participating in the program. I am very pleased with this program.”

Alana Hick, participant with Bamberg School District 2, stated “With this past work experience, I’ve learned the way of office work. I learned all of the expectations as well as rules to working as an office secretary. I learned good work ethics, professionalism and customer service skills. I also learned what to expect in the real world once I start to venture out on my own.”

“Teaming up with our school districts to provide imperative hands-on work experiences is the key to developing young adult’s employable skill sets which are needed in the workforce,” said Megan Helmig, Youth Coordinator for Lower Savannah.

Lower Savannah Workforce Development Area (LSWDA) is pleased with this extended effort and looks forward to providing more hands-on work experiences with our young adults within our communities. For more information about LSWDA’s opportunities, please visit